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Bare with me, this blog is in it's tentative stages, but I hope to cover a wealth of cinema that influenced punk, was influenced by punk, or is in itself - pure punk. However my definition of 'what is punk?' is based on notions of attitude, subversion, rebellion, transgression, visceral excitement, self exploration, boundary breaking, abandon, and both brutal realism and wild escapism. A broadbased appreciation of life changing or challenging movies, having little to do with prescribed identikit cliches of 'punk'. The concept of 'punk cinema' by it's very existence should challenge the notion of what is, and what is not 'punk cinema'. Reflecting this 'break the rules' outlook my writing will vary wildly between flip fan-istic enthusiasm and more serious academic investigations and insights, depending on my mood (and level of aggression).

Monday, 6 February 2012



Strange film. Disconcerting. It obviously had a weird effect on Ian Curtis too, considering that he killed himself after watching it.

This scene (Dancing Chicken) from Strozek was referenced in Joy Division/New Order/Factory Records/Tony Wilson/Happy Mondays bio pic 24 Hour Party People, during the scene where Curtis hangs himself. Whats more the Dancing Chicken scene reminds me of the garish trash aesthetic of some of the design work produced by Factory records design associates - Central Station Design, who did not design Joy Division's artwork but created sleeves for later Factory releases by Happy Mondays and Northside (who's debut album was called Chicken Rhythms), they also created the opening credits for 24 Hour Party People.

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