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Bare with me, this blog is in it's tentative stages, but I hope to cover a wealth of cinema that influenced punk, was influenced by punk, or is in itself - pure punk. However my definition of 'what is punk?' is based on notions of attitude, subversion, rebellion, transgression, visceral excitement, self exploration, boundary breaking, abandon, and both brutal realism and wild escapism. A broadbased appreciation of life changing or challenging movies, having little to do with prescribed identikit cliches of 'punk'. The concept of 'punk cinema' by it's very existence should challenge the notion of what is, and what is not 'punk cinema'. Reflecting this 'break the rules' outlook my writing will vary wildly between flip fan-istic enthusiasm and more serious academic investigations and insights, depending on my mood (and level of aggression).

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Female Trouble

Female Trouble

'Never Have I encountered such a morally bankrupt group of people'

Proto punk masterpiece - which towards the end of the film sees Divine go all out 'postcard punk' replete with full mohawk hair, years before Kings Road punks would adopt the same look. Although there may not be any dog shit eating here ala Pink Flamingos, Divine really does provide ample outrageousness in this follow up to his most infamous role. High expectations were placed on John Waters to deliver the goods again, after the runaway midnight movie success of Pink Flamingo's, maybe there never was such high expectation placed on such low trash in the history of cinema. Waters however does not disappoint in this epic melodramatic tale of fame hunger turned sickness, a theme which seems all the more prescient and relevant - now in the post reality TV and X Factor era. The laughs come thick and fast and the character creation/scripting/acting is superbly eccentric in that perfect John Waters 'collection of freaks' kind of way. This film really is 'punk before punk' and Divine of course is as punk as it gets, with a breathtaking display of outrageous originality, attitude, balls and a truly beautiful sense of the absurd.

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