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Bare with me, this blog is in it's tentative stages, but I hope to cover a wealth of cinema that influenced punk, was influenced by punk, or is in itself - pure punk. However my definition of 'what is punk?' is based on notions of attitude, subversion, rebellion, transgression, visceral excitement, self exploration, boundary breaking, abandon, and both brutal realism and wild escapism. A broadbased appreciation of life changing or challenging movies, having little to do with prescribed identikit cliches of 'punk'. The concept of 'punk cinema' by it's very existence should challenge the notion of what is, and what is not 'punk cinema'. Reflecting this 'break the rules' outlook my writing will vary wildly between flip fan-istic enthusiasm and more serious academic investigations and insights, depending on my mood (and level of aggression).

Monday, 6 February 2012

I.C. Water

I.C. Water - Psychic TV

I know Ian Curtis' bones have been well picked over for every last scrap of exploitable flesh.
But while thinking about Werner Herzog's 1977 film Stroszek (the film which Curtis hung himself after watching) I remembered this absolute gem - a lovely homage to Curtis from 1990 - long before the rest of the world had any interest in grave digging (gloomy existentialist Manchunians) for cool points.

This is heartfelt and genuine, Genesis being a longtime friend and associate of Curtis'. Here the charming 'acid house aesthetic' video is shot through with homage to another punk/sub cultural/transgressive hero - Kenneth Anger (surely the ultimate King of Screenage Kicks).


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